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Passenger Rights

In accordance with article 47 of Decree-Law 40/2015, of 16 March - Statutes of the National Civil Aviation Authority - it is ANAC's responsibility to:

a) Inform on all the aspects that interest the passengers and impose the same information obligation to the operators of the sector;

b) Examine the complaints and grievances of passengers in relation to the operators subject to its regulation, reply to the passengers and adopt the necessary measures;

c) Provide information, guidance and support to consumers with regard to the resolution of conflicts between them and the operators of the sector;

d) Publicize the possibility of recourse to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to users and to entities subject to its regulation;

e) Ensure compliance with the regulations and legislation on the protection of the rights of air transport passengers, in matters of exclusive competence of ANAC, as well as in matters of shared competence, in close collaboration with the national governmental consumer protection bodies;

(f) Cooperate reciprocally with the Directorate-General for Consumer Affairs and with other relevant entities within the scope of consumer protection, in the promotion of their rights and interests in the civil aviation sector.



You may find all the information about air passenger rights on the European Commission webpage "Your Europe":